Hot & Fresh

sugar free mints
Hot & Fresh
Natural mints (comprimates), without sugar, colors or preservatives, which makes them unique in our market. Mints are with pleasant and aromatic taste and smell of essential oils, with a base of sorbitol, suitable for diabetics. There are several different flavors, Extra strong with flavor of eucalyptus, medium strong with flavor of spearmint/peppermint and delicious raspberry, suitable for younger population.

Hot & Fresh mints are made by special technology in conditions that meet the highest quality standards.

The active ingredients are spearmint and different essential oils (eucalyptus, peppermint ...). A suitable combination of essential oils provides attractive flavors. Essential oils have antiseptic and deodorant effects, relieves inflammation and refreshing breath.

The basis for making mints is sorbitol, which is used as a substitute for sugar, and is suitable for use in diabetics. It is known that sorbitol after oral intake does not lead to a sudden increase in blood sugar, because its metabolism does not require insulin. Sorbitol is poorly absorbed from digestive tract, and mints have a low caloric value.

Packed in an attractive cardboard, foil protected, packaging with a simple patent for use.

The display package containing 14 boxes of mints (each box contain 18g of mints). Wholesale pack contains 40 display packaging. With a display box, it is possible to purchase and attractive metal promotional stand that can hold one box of each flavor.

Our company offers the possibility of branding packaging, Hot & Fresh mints for special corporate events or as a unique way to advertise your products.

Mints are packed in an attractive cardboard, foil protected, packaging with a simple patent for use, square metal tin box or paper/alu/pvc sachets wit 2 or 3 mints, with print on conceptual design of a customer.

Branded packaging "Hot & Fresh" mints we have prepared for many well-known customers such as Telenor, Telekom, Office1Superstor, Toyota Serbia, Porsche Leasing, Swiss Pharma, Gorenje Studio, Commercial Bank, Pro Credit Bank, Zlatiborac, Verano Group, Olympus Ernst & Young, Henkel, Sony, Victoria Group, Nokia ...