Ufar Today

Today, Ufar has 30 multi-profile employees. Development and production is controled by highly-skilled team of pharmacy specialists.

Manufacture at UFAR is carried out in a newly-built drug factory in Belgrade, of 2000m2 total area which was designed and executed to meet all GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements.

In addition to our own production line, UFAR in the end of 2010 signed a long-term manufacturing contract with SANDOZ, one of the leading manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in the world.

UFAR, for requirements of Sandoz on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro, manufactures 30 major medicaments in the form of tablets and blisters which pertain to various therapy groups. This cooperation places UFAR in a group of major domestic drug manufacturers.

UFAR cooperates with all major state-owned and private large pharmacies, large commercial conglomerates, large stores for wholesale of general purpose products, stores for wholesale of healthy food on the territory of Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Montenegro.

UFAR holds ISO 9001:2008 certificates for manufacture and marketing of drugs and manufacture of dietetic food products, as well as HACCP certificate for manufacture of dietetic products. Expanding of individual production, enhancement of all processes and continual quality control are main priorities of UFAR company.

Nova Fabrika

Nova Ufar fabrika

Namenski je projektovana i izgrađena za izradu i skladištenje farmaceutskih proizvoda. Usklađena je sa principima Dobre proizvodne prakse (GMP) i Sandoz-Novartis standardima.


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